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Conservation Work

Helping hedgehogs

Hedgehog numbers are in decline.

These precious prickly creatures, who come from a time when sabre toothed tigers were walking the earth, and who have outlived many other species, are now in danger to the point of extinction. 

And it’s down to us!

But we can put that right. Here at HEDGEPIGS, we are reaching out to the wider community, and with the help of volunteers, and some clever kit, we are increasing the wildlife corridors for hedgehogs to pass through safely.

Hedgehogs who can travel from garden to garden, without the need to cross roads, have a considerably better chance of survival than those who have to cross roads in order to find everything they need in an evening.

Hedgehogs have to fill their stomachs a good 3 or 4 times over the course of an evening, EVERY evening. Doing this means they need lots of earth to forage in, in order for them to find just the right balance of tasty grubs and worms and insects.

Of course supplementary feeding helps, but there’s nothing like a good crunchy beetle - if you’re a hedgehog.
Our wildlife corridors, created by drilling circular holes in concrete and wooden gravel boards, enable hedgehogs to safely increase their roaming distance.

If you live in Nottingham, in either the NG9 or NG2 postcode areas, and would like a hedgehog hole installing, please do get in touch using the appropriate email address for your postcode.

We hope to be available in other areas too in the future.

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